For less than $1.00 a day, your family can enjoy a limitless supply of clean,clear, healthy water, directly from your tap. Never again will you need to purchase, carry, store, discard or recycle plastic or glass bottles to obtain water from a distant source that may not be pure. Experts agree that because water is labeled “Spring Water” does not mean it is “pure” – in fact, “Spring Water”, transported over long distances and stored in plastic bottles at ambient temperatures for many months in some cases, is perfect for the growth of unhealthy bacteria.

The exclusive EauVital system of 7 stage, double-reverse osmosis, installed in your home or office, purifies water up to 99%, while adding and maintaining its healthy mineral content. You obtain a limitless* supply of clean, crystal-clear, odor-free, 100% natural water.

Experience the difference Eauvital purified water makes to the taste of your coffee and tea, pasta and soup -- anything and everything that has water as an ingredient.

The EauVital double-reverse osmosis system uses 7-stages of water-clarifying technology. It is far more effective than other at-home water filtration systems, which use at most, 5 stages.


*By maintaining the EauVital system according to contract specifications, which includes periodic replacement of system components, there is no end to the supply of healthy, clear, great-tasting water you can enjoy.