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Did You Know ?

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Transporting bottled water to areas with adequate local water supply is an environmental disaster!

  • The energy of capturing the water
  • The manufacture of plastic bottles of many sizes to transport the water
  • The discarding by the consumer of all those bottles
  • The energy to transport the bottled water by truck, and ocean-going vessels
  • In some parts of the globe, (closer to where the water is captured than to where it is shipped), people walk miles on foot each day in search of water






There are many more regulations governing the quality of your local, municipal tap water than there are for bottlers of “spring” or “natural” water!

  • Bottlers often resist legislation calling for improved testing standards of their water
  • Plastic bottles deteriorate over time, contributing chemicals to the water inside
  • Bottled water may have been stored at room temperature in a sealed plastic bottle in the dark for many months. Any bacteria content is likely in increase under those conditions.
  • Recycling efforts in the best of circumstances capture only a small percentage of the water and beverage bottles manufactured – the rest are in landfills, trashcans and scattered across the landscape
  • Your purchase price includes all these environmental costs for the bottler – the cost of the water is a small percentage of what you pay at the register
  • Decreases in many medical conditions can be traced to improvements in the quality of municipal water supply. Further decreases could be obtained by tap-end filtration, ensuring that water consumed is cleaner and more healthful than where the water originated.

Your body is thirsty!

  • Plenty of good, clean, water is essential for your body. If your water tastes better, and costs less, won’t you want to drink more, and reduce your intake of other beverages that cost more and add calories to your daily diet?
  • On average, your body loses 2.5 liters of water per day through urination and perspiration.
  • Pregnant women and breast-feeding women should increase their daily consumption of pathogen-free water
  • On average, water comprises 85% of weight by volume of the brain, 83% of muscles and 70% of blood. Adequate hydration is a key component of being alert and strong.
  • Water is also a component of bones and teeth. Those taking medication for bone loss should increase their intake of water every day.
  • Common consequences of dehydration are muscle weakness, decreased ability to concentrate and a change in body temperature.

Avoid dehydration! Use your EauVital water purification system to provide you and your family with a limitless supply of clean, clear, odor-free, mineral-rich, delicious water.