Reverse Osmosis

The system of double reverse osmosis exists since around thirty years.

Discovered by the NASA, to eliminate contaminants such as : the lead, the chlorine, the arsenic, the cyanide, the nitrites, the sulphates, the chloride of vinyl, the seaweeds, the insecticides medicines, the mercury, the collyform bacterias, the solvents, the medicines, the pesticides, the heavy metals, the harmful inorganic minerals for the health.

Water from your faucet is purified by a system of filtration in seven phases : The sediment filter, the pre carbon, the activated carbon filter, the membrane filtration, the post carbon filter, infrared stone filter, bamboo activated carbon filter and the remineralization and vitalization, Which add the good mineral salts and give a good taste to the water. All this gives you water that is pure up to 99 %.

In addition we just added a 7th stage which is the alkaline filter to remove the acidity and regulate the PH for optimum water use.

Watch this video for further information about the system