Think Global, Act Local

Perhaps you have heard the expression “Think Global, Act Local”. EauVital is the water purification system that delivers on that goal. In addition to the health benefits to you personally, EauVital is part of the solution of several global and local environmental problems.


Some Benefits

Benefits to Your Personal Health

  • Greatly reduce your consumption of contaminants of all kinds
  • Greatly increase your consumption of pure, healthy, mineral-rich water. Avoid dehydration.
  • Improve the taste of everything you steam, boil or cook in water – soup, pasta, vegetables, etc.
  • Improve the taste and flavor of your coffee, tea, and herbal drinks
  • Avoid contaminates that may be present in your purchased bottled water
  • Reduce carbonated or sugary beverages in your diet because your water tastes bad

Benefits to Your Local Environment

  • Fewer bottles to be carted away at your curbside
  • Plastic becomes a smaller percentage of landfill content
  • Landscape improves as fewer plastic bottles are littered
  • Use the municipal water supply you pay for with tax dollars

Benefits to Your Personal Economy

  • Stop spending money on other products you can obtain much better results at home with EauVital at much lower cost
  • Use the municipal water supply with the EauVital system
  • Gain valuable household space, since water need not be stored anywhere
  • Everyday you can save a significant amount of time and money eliminating the need to purchase, transport, store and recycle water containers


Benefits to the Global Environment

  • Resources devoted to harvesting water for export can be re-allocated
  • Energy used in the water consumption chain is reduced
  • World-wide manufacture of water containers is reduced
  • Water stays where it is needed