Pierrette Migneaut – EN

«An Counsellor of EauVital came to see me and asked if he could analyze my water. I accepted out of curiosity and he did tests on my tap water and bottled water that I bought by the box full every week. After the test, I was surprised and impressed. After seeing the test, I decided to get the system EauVital. Since that time, I drink lots of water, it taste better, especially tea, coffee, Herbs teas and juices. During cooking, foods retain their color and more flavor, pastas meat and chicken taste better. I notice a net improvement in my health. I feel fitter and I do not have problems anymore with digestion and sore heart. My urine is better. I have no regret to have installed the system EauVital that I use for 4 years now. I would not do without it any more. The installer was very nice and very clean, the customer service is excellent and courteous. I advise everyone to have a system EauVital and I’m sure it will improve your health and you’ll have no regrets. »

Pierrette Migneaut
November 21, 2007
St-François, Laval