Louise Janelle – EN

«Hello, my name is Louise Janelle, not long ago, a counselor for EauVital came home to speak to me about the system EauVital . I found the counselor very courteous and professional. He knew very well his product so he could answer all my questions with ease. While explaining, he showed me in an obvious way to tests what kind of water I was drinking. I was amazed to see with my own eyes visually, what really contained my water. I believed and I wanted this water system. Today, I can assure you that I do not regret my choice. I like to drink my water, it tastes good. There was no aftertaste. Juices, soups, coffee tastes good. In a very short time, I saw the difference. I always have my bottle with me. I do not take chance, my health is my top priority. Previously, I drank only soft drinks, because I did not like the taste of water, but now I do not drink these beverages anymore. Only my water and I am so proud of myself because of my decisions for my health. I would like to thank the counsellor for EauVital for coming to my home and make me discover this system of water. To all of those who make their health a priority, I am not embarrassed to tell about the system EauVital. EauVital thank you !»

Louise Janelle
November 14, 2007