Jacques Lachance – EN

« Jacques Lachance, I live in Chomedey Laval. I had the visit of a counselor from EauVital. He analized the city water, a purchased bottle water, boiled water and EauVital water. I was impressed to see the difference in the water I drank, that was not good, and how water from EauVital was really pure, clear and crystalline. I decided to get the system and I have no regret. The taste of the water is better. Now I can drink much more water and the taste of tea, coffee and herbs teas is better. The soup and sauces tasted their true flavor. I boil the potatoes, pasta and vegetables without altering the flavor, they retain their color. I also saw a big improvement on the health side, by drinking water of EauVital , I lost 15 pounds and my diabetes which was high, is down to normal without medication. I feel very fit. I recommend it to everyone. Have a EauVital, I am sure that your health will improve.»

Jacques Lachance
November 15, 2007
Chomedey, Laval