What is pH?

What is PH

The pH of Water

The pH is a measure of the acidity of water. A pH of 7 indicates neutral water. Below 7, is too acidic. Above 7 is too alkaline. The minerals present in water determine its pH.


The pH of the human body

The human body's pH is around 7.4. This level is essential for our metabolism to function properly.


Acidic water

If the water we absorb is too acidic (deficiency in minerals and presence of chlorine, sulphates or nitrates), repercussions on our health are very real. Our immune system can even be weakened.


Alkaline water

A more alkaline water can restore the body balance. To regulate the pH, the body will often draw from its essential reserves of minerals.


Testing your water

Use a paper to analysis of the pH that you can buy in health food stores , some supermarkets or even on the Internet. The pH of your water should be between 7,2 and 7,8.