Your health is priceless
Decreases in many medical conditions can be traced to improvements in the quality of municipal water supply.
Eliminate chemical residues
Protects the water against any contaminating element likely to be present in it.
Pure even from your tap
For less than $1.00 a day, your family can enjoy a limitless supply of clean,clear, healthy water, directly from your tap.
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EauVital recognizes the crucial role of water in our lives...


Nothing is more important for good health and good food than good water. Water is basic to our well being - it is even a component of our blood! Water is essential for many bodily functions including carrying nutrients to our cells, and carrying toxins out of our bodies. In many ways, water is more important to us than food.


Our mission is to provide access to healthy, pure water to the greatest number of people using the most effective technology of doing so 7 stage, including double-reverse osmosis.

Our commitment is to become a leader in the distribution of this water treatment system to residential and commercial customers. By doing so, we believe we are contributing to good health, reducing pollution and decreasing the amount of precious energy devoted to transporting water from distant shores.

Become a EauVital ® customer and join us in our commitment to better water and less pollution!